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Working from Home Heaven, or Hell?


Dunboyne, Ireland – 14 October 2021 

As we await further announcements in relation to the further lifting of restrictions and with the gradual return to the office for many, we’ve been discussing the pros and cons of the home office.

During the past 18 months, we have spoken to hundreds of people about the benefits and drawbacks of working remotely. It’s fair to say that there are a number of mixed emotions at play in the minds of working people. For some, there’s a real feeling of excitement and anticipation, while others are feeling anxious and overwhelmed at the prospect of their circumstances changing.

Well, what is it? Heaven or Hell? From what people are saying to us, the simple answer is that it can be both, in equal measure! It depends on the person and his or her unique set of circumstances. It’s about finding the right solution for you and getting a balance that works.

If you’d like to see how we can help you with your Health & Safety Training and Consultancy needs, whether you’re continuing to work from home, or returning to the office, please get in touch by telephone on (01) 825 1302, or by email to

Welcome to our New Home! Unit 30, Dunboyne Business Park, A86FH76

Dunboyne, Ireland – 16 September 2021 

At Nationwide Safety Training, we are absolutely thrilled to announce that we have completed the move to our new purpose designed premises in Dunboyne Business Park. It’s been an incredible journey for us these past 5 years, having started out working from home out of the spare room, to finally buying a place we can now call home. 

This was only made possible because of the support of our wonderful loyal customers and the amazing team here at NST. Thank you to one and all from the bottom of our hearts. 

If you’re in the area pop in and say hello, the kettle is always on, and we’d love to see you. Check out the video to see some of the work that we carried out to prepare our new “home”.

Nationwide Safety Training Working with Europe's Leading airline to assist it with its training requirements

Working with Europe's largest airline

The Issue

The client needed a cost effective, blended Health & Safety Training programme, but found it difficult to find a provider that could meet its needs. There were no integrated courses available that would enable it to satisfy its diverse requirements.

The Outcome

NST proposed, designed and delivered a tailor-made training programme that met all the customer’s requirements, resulting in the client being able to amalgamate multiple facets of our Health & Safety Training courses to ensure that its needs were both addressed and delivered.

The Message

Whilst Nationwide Safety Training has over 100 safety courses available, it is possible that your business has bespoke and specific needs. Talk to us today to see how we can customise our training to suit your company.

Dunboyne, Ireland – 17 August 2021 

At Nationwide Safety Training (NST), one of Ireland’s leading H&S Training and Consultancy companies, we have consistently striven to meet the varying, diverse needs of our customers.

When we were approached by Europe’s leading airline to create a tailored training environment, we relished both the opportunity and the challenge. The client had struggled to find a provider that could meet their complex H&S Training needs. 

We were able to propose, design and deliver a bespoke H&S training programme to satisfy all of the client’s needs.

We can build any solution for any business.

To see how we can help, email or call us on (01) 825 1302. 


Meet our IPAF Instructors

Accredited MEWPs and IPAF Instructors

Dunboyne, Ireland – 10 June 2021 

Nationwide Safety Training (NST), one of Ireland’s leading H&S Training and Consultancy companies, is pleased to announce that our colleagues Willie Keague and Stephen Ryan have been certified as IPAF Instructors. IPAF is a global organisation, promoting the safe and effective use of powered access equipment. Certification as an IPAF Instructor enables Stephen and Willie to deliver IPAF’s industry-leading training programmes for mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs). 

Prior to launching NST, Willie worked in the field with Height for Hire. He now joins an elite group of IPAF Instructors in Ireland, qualified to deliver IPAF MEWPs Operator Training to ISO 18878 standard. 

Stephen is no stranger to heights, having previously run a successful roofing business, before upskilling as a trainer with NST in 2017. Attaining IPAF Certification shows his, and our, commitment to quality.    

At NST, we take pride in setting standards. We deliver the highest quality H&S Training and Consultancy services. Adding IPAF Certification is a natural step forward in our pursuit of excellence. 

To see how we can help, email or call us on (01) 825 1302. 

* All IPAF Training is provided third party through an IPAF registered training centre

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Dunboyne, Ireland – 6 April 2021 

At Nationwide Safety Training (NST), we pride ourselves on being one of Ireland’s leading H&S Training and Consultancy companies. Every now and again, though, we like to canvass our clients to ensure that they are receiving the care and attention that they need and expect.

We asked a selection of our customers to write about recent experiences with NST. We’re thrilled to say that they’re very happy with our approach, our courses, our team and our service. Take a look at the reviews to see more. 

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