Vehicle Mounted Crane (Hi-Ab) Instructor

Candidates who successfully complete this course will learn the skills and knowledge to successfully deliver Vehicle Mounted Crane Operator Training and Instruction.


3 Days


Nationwide for private courses

Max Number

4 per Instructor

Candidate Requirements

All candidates must have a good understanding of oral and written English. A Level 6 Training Qualification or equivalent is highly recommended for candidates who will be doing inhouse Vehicle Mounted Crane Operator training and is a requirement for those who intend training on a commercial basis. Candidates must be experienced Operators and also hold a valid and current Vehicle Mounted Crane Operator Certificate and/or card.


5 year NST Card and Certification


Please enquire for group private/inhouse training.


Day 1: Vehicle Mounted Crane Operators Course.  Modules include:

  • Legislation in relation to Health & Safety
  • Compliance of inspections
  • Responsibilities of the operator and the employer
  • Vehicle Mounted Crane Categories
  • Safe Operation of Vehicle Mounted Crane
  • Identifying Risks and Hazards associated with Vehicle Mounted Crane including overloading & shock loading
  • Pre & Post Use Inspections of Vehicle Mounted Crane
  • Lifting Equipment Safety
  • Pre & Post Use Inspections of Lifting Equipment
  • Maintenance
  • Theory and Practical Assessments

Day 2: Lifting Equipment Safety & Inspections.  Modules include:

  • Legislation in relation to lifting equipment
  • Responsibilities of the operator and the employer
  • Compliance of 6 monthly inspections
  • Determining the centre of gravity of the load
  • Basic rigging practices
  • Tension developed by sling angles
  • Hitch selection and appliances
  • Effect of sling angles on rigging and hardware

Day 3: Recap and Assessment

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